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Fresh apple
Category FoodFruit
Required slots 1 (1 × 1)[1]
Energy 69 kcal[1]
Water 172 ml[1]
Volume 130 ml[1]
Location(s) ResidentialSupermarkets[2]
Rarity Uncommon
Variant(s) Rotten apple
Class name(s) fruit_applefresh[1]
Uses 1[1]
Absorbency 20%[1]

An apple is a type of fresh fruit.

Overview Edit

An apple occupies one inventory slot. Wholly consuming an apple will restore 69 kcal of energy, replenish 172 ml of water and take up 130 ml of stomach space.[1]

Apples can be uncommonly found in residential loot spawns and inside supermarkets.[2]

A fresh apple may biodegrade over time, thereby turning into a rotten apple. This can be delayed by storing it in a protector case. [citation needed]

Image galleryEdit

Fresh apple A fresh apple in pristine condition.

References Edit

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