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Mosin 9130
Mosin 9130
The Mosin 9130 found in DayZ.
Damage: Unknown
Audible range: 100m(by zombies)
Effective range: Up to 300m
Up to 800m (with optics)
Rounds: 5
Magazine(s): Internal magazine-fed
Ammunition type: 7.62×51mm
Fire mode(s): Single
Attachment(s): PU scopeLong range scope
M91 bayonet
Mosin M44 compensator

The Mosin 9130 is a Russian bolt-action rifle in DayZ.[1]


Players are able to attach different accessories to the Mosin 9130, including the 3.5x PU scope and can be found in houses. Note that this scope at current gives no more zoom to your view than simply using the iron sight, it simply adds a more discernable and easier to aim recticle. The long range scope can be found at military spawns. There is also an available compensator.

This weapon can be painted, using a spraycan. If one shot of both green and black paints are used (order is irrelavant) the rifle will be painted in camoflague.

Like in real life, the Mosin's magazine is internal so rounds are fed individually through the top. The effective range of the rifle is up to 300m with the zeroable iron sights and up to 800m with optics.

Note that once any amount of ammo is loaded into a Mosin, all of the ammo must be fired or you can eject the shells by right-clicking on them.

Game historyEdit

The Mosin gained the ability to be spray painted in the 0.31.114343 update by using a new item, the spraycan.[2]

Since 0.48 update you can find Mosin 5rnd Clips, they are like the SKS 10rnd Clips, just for the Mosin 9130.

Real lifeEdit

The Mosin 9130 is based on the Mosin–Nagant - a bolt-action, internal magazine-fed, military rifle developed by the Imperial Russian Army in 1882-1891. It takes 7.62×54mmR cartridges.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • This is a sniping weapon, being ineffective at close range. When being attacked by someone with a different gun, just get to a longer distance and shoot, or run.
  • This is also considered a bandit weapon, helping bandits not being seen as they dispatch survivors or zombies. It also gives an increased chance of being shot at by survivors because it is so well known as a bandit weapon.
  • This is considered a mid-class weapon, but it is sought after like canned beans.
  • The ATLAS bipod is no longer attachable to this weapon. It does not have any rails for it to be attached to, and the mosin doesn't have any rail attachments.
  • The M91 bayonet attachment does nothing at the moment, except for making the gun more obvious.
  • The Mosin is considered the "dinnerbell gun" because it is very loud and survivors can hear it from far away.

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